How to learn front end web development - First step

Learning front-end web development
How to learn front-end web development.
Learning front-end web development has become very accessible because of vast learning resources present in the internet and because of  the internet. All you need is a computer (a smartphone also solves the purpose). To master front-end web development one must give time, effort and patience. Always remember "practice makes you perfect".

How to start?

Step-1 Choose an online code editor or learning environment. I would recommend, CodePen is an online community for testing and showcasing user-created HTML, CSS and JavaScript code snippets. It functions as an online code editor and open-source learning environment, where developers can create code snippets, called "pens," and test them.

Step-2  Mastering HTML, CSS and JavaScript should be the first step towards approaching the front-end development. To learn these, choose a learning platform. There are amazing learning resources present all over the internet and check this article to see the best resources to learn.

Step-3 This step is the most important, create with what you have learned.
Understand the concept of codes and give it a try by creating. Now the question comes, what to create? When you are in the learning stage it is okay to recreate already existing web pages, for example you can create a Google search result page or login page of your favourite social media site. Analyse how your favourite website is made with the help of developers option in your browser.
Creating with what you have learned is important and along with it is one more important factor to consider. While applying the concept in the application one might face failure, failing is normal. Try to learn from mistakes and do it again by correcting. Lots of failed attempts will make you strong.